2020 Conference Objective

The mythical city of El Dorado has come to represent a place that promises untold fortunes to those who find it. But that’s the challenge - it’s not easy to determine where El Dorado is or exactly what it represents. Technology buyers in the logistics space face a similarly quixotic quest, with people searching for more answers than there are solutions even if they know they need to set out on such a quest.


El Dorado will be the place, both physically and metaphorically, where the JOC editorial team and expert speakers help BCOs, 3PLs, container lines, and ports understand that quest more clearly, even if the ultimate destination is not yet so clearly defined.

Sunday, 01 March 2020

Monday, 02 March 2020

Tuesday, 03 March 2020

Theme: Incumbent Value vs. the Lure of the New

The inaugural version of El Dorado will focus on the intersection of incumbent providers and startups in the liner shipping industry. Incumbents have been spurred on by startups to react with investment in customer-facing and back-end technology, and they’re doing so in a tangible way. Meanwhile, the crop of startups that emerged five or so years ago are beginning to mature, and those that get traction are rearranging the industry’s pecking order. In addition, there are blurring lines between service models, with container lines seeking to become supply chain management providers and software-as-a-service providers, 3PLs dabbling in the provision of standalone software, and pure systems developers seeking partnerships and alliances with customers and complementary technology providers. It’s a complicated situation: shippers and 3PLs know they need to innovate, and yet the successful path to do so looks more murky each day.


Topics to be Explored:

• Dynamic keynotes and 1-on-1s with impactful technology leaders in the global logistics industry


• An examination of how automation might change workflows at carriers and 3PLs


• How technology is enabling new rate contract models and strategy


• An exploration of data standardization efforts in container shipping


• Will blockchain get a foothold in global logistics and trade?